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#1 rated in durability and owner experience#1 rated reliability under 100hp tractor in the USA #1 selling compact tractor in the USA


MODELS:L2502F/DT/HST, L3302/DT/HST, L3902/DT/HST, L4802F/DT/HST, L4802DTN

From its beginnings as the L Series in 1967, to its evolution as the Standard L Series in 1997, Kubota’s popular compact tractor line has continued to build on its reputation for affordability, durability and versatility. Enhanced and refined over generations of models, The Standard L Series has earned its rightful position as the core of the Kubota compact tractor lineup and the top selling compact tractor in North America for more than 10 years

Based on EDA tractor sales data of under 40 horsepower models from 2009 to 2020.


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#1 rated tractor brand for durability and owner experience in the U.S.
For decades, the Standard L Series has been known for its affordability, durability, ease of use, and versatility. Today, the Standard L Series continues this reputation by providing the same high quality performance in a wide offering of affordable models.

There’s a reason why Kubota has been the top selling compact tractor brand for over a decade.* Kubota’s quality, and the Standard L Series reputation is known in all circles, whether it be homeowners, rental yards, or contractors.

*Based on EDA tractor sales data of under 40 horsepower models from 2009 to 2020.

Simplicity and comfort are key, especially during long hours of operation. The Standard L Series is designed to be easy to use with an ergonomic control layout while also providing the comfort needed. Standard features include:

  • Wide, Spacious Semi-flat Operator Platform
  • Suspension Seat
  • Easy to Read Dash Panel – Features large gauges showing RPM, engine temperature and fuel level
  • Cup Holder
  • Tool Box

Because of our reputation for reliability and performance, Kubota is the #1 rated reliability under 100 HP tractors in the USA.* The Standard L Series is equipped with the Kubota-built diesel engine. Features include:

  • Powerful Performance - Kubota diesel engines are known to maximize engine performance.
  • Smooth, Quiet Operation - Kubota Diesel Engines are designed to reduce noise and vibration which provides better comfort when operating.
  • Fuel Efficiency - Kubota diesel engines are designed not only to maximize performance, but also efficiency and with a large fuel tank and a clean burning engine, the Standard L Series provides increased fuel efficiency to keep you operating longer.
*2020 Progressive Farmer Reader Insights Awards for Fewest Reported Problems Overall in the category of Small Tractor (Under 100 Horse Power). Award based on 2020 Progressive Farmer Readers Insights Tractor Study. 

Kubota prides itself in designing and manufacturing the Standard L Series powertrain so that you can be reassured in the quality of the product. The Standard L Series offers two Kubota-built transmission options in all four of the horsepower models.

  • 3-Range HST – Kubota Standard L Series HST models have a 3-range (Low-Medium-High) transmission, making it easier for any operator to find the right mix of speed and torque for more precise control.
    • HST Treadle Pedal – HST models come with the Kubota Treadle Pedal, which is easy to use with no confusion on which pedal you are pushing, making every job faster and safer.
    • Cruise Control - Allows for a set, constant speed. This feature is standard on the L4802 and optional on the L2502, L3302 and L3902.
  • Gear-Drive Transmission - Kubota’s gear-drive transmission is available in both 2WD (L2502 & L4802) and 4WD models. The advantage of a gear-drive transmission can be both economical and to maximize power, especially in heavy-duty applications.
    • The L2502 gear-drive transmission has 8 forward and 4 reverse (8x4) speeds, with 2 ranges in forward (low-high).
    • L3302/L3902/L4802 Gear-Drive Transmissions has 8 forward and 8 reverse (8x8) speeds, with 2 ranges in forward (low-high).
  • Transmission-driven or Live PTO Engagement (L2502, L3302DT, and L3902DT) 
  • Electro-Hydraulic Independent PTO Engagement Switch (L3302HST, L3902HST, and L4802)

Kubota’s front loaders are built by Kubota and specifically designed to maximize the performance of the front loader and tractor. Features include:

  • Kubota-built LA526 front loader - designed for the L2502, L3302 and L3902, this loader has a maximum lift capacity of 1,144 pounds at the pin and a maximum lift height of 94.2 inches at the pin. The L2502 maximum lift capacity is 1,446 and the L3302/L3902 maximum lift capacity is 1,506 pounds at the pin at 1.5 meters lifted off the ground.  
  • Kubota-built LA766 front loader - designed for the L4802, this loader has a maximum lift capacity of 1,675 pounds at the pin and a maximum lift height of 105.2 inches at the pin and a maximum lift capacity of 2,147 pounds at the pin at 1.5 meters lifted off the ground. 
  • 2-Lever Quick Coupler – A 2-Lever Quick coupler allows for quick and easy attachment changing, such as buckets, pallet forks, bale spears or any number of other front loader attachments, thus improving productivity. The LA526 offers two loader packages, one with standard 2-lever quick coupler and one without this feature. The LA766 comes standard with the 2-lever quick coupler feature.
  • Top Quality Loader Valve – Both LA526 and LA766 feature a loader valve design with simultaneous boom and bucket operation and a regenerative circuit. These features increase speed and dump times to maximize productivity.
  • Easy-to-Remove – Both LA526 and LA766 can quickly and easily be removed from the tractor without tools or need for buying additional “parking” kits, making it more versatile and easier to use.

Performance matched backhoes are built by Kubota and specifically designed to match the performance of the tractor. Backhoes are great for digging applications such as trenching or landscaping.

  • Ease of Use – Designed with plenty of dig depth and reach, smooth hydraulics, and a spacious operator platform, you will find the BH77 (L2502, L3302, and L3902) and BH92 (L4802) not only easy to use, but a pleasure to work with.
  • Standard Cushioning Valve - Equipped standard with cushioning valves on each cylinder to prevent impact shock when the dipper reaches the end of the cylinder stroke.
  • Optional Mechanical or Hydraulic Thumb - Adding a thumb increases versatility and makes lifting objects even easier. This feature is available in either the economical mechanical or the efficient hydraulic version (Hydraulic thumb only available on BH92).
  • Easy To Remove – The Kubota BH77 and BH92 are easily removed without the use of tools, which will make full use of efficiency.
  • Kubota Designed, Kubota Built – From front to rear, the Kubota Standard L Series is designed and built by Kubota for you. You won’t find a “Kubota” re-branded tractor built by others, only Kubota quality through and through.
  • Heavy Duty Construction – All Standard L Series are equipped with a heavy duty front axle, cast steel transmission and rear end, as well as steel hood and fenders, making them built to last.

With a heavy-duty 3-Point Hitch, Kubota’s Standard L Series takes on tough applications with a pulling performance you can count on. The Standard L Series is equipped with a large capacity hydraulic cylinder and pump which allows for a powerful lifting capacity for a wider variety of implements. Other features include:

  • Position Control - All Standard L Series models come standard with position control which allows for smooth, precise raising and lowering of the 3-point hitch to reach and lock in a desired minimum height.
  • Telescoping Stabilizers - Standard for L4802 and optional for L2502, L3302 and L3902, telescoping stabilizers make attaching and adjusting implements quicker and easier than traditional check chains.
  • Land Pride Quick Hitch - Kubota’s Standard L Series can be equipped with Land Pride’s quick hitch. This feature greatly improves ease of switching out rear implements and reduces the time it takes to do so. If you plan on having more than one rear 3-point implement, the Quick Hitch is the ultimate time saving, fatigue reducing accessory that you will come to love and appreciate.
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